about us

Every stage in the process is done with the utmost devotion and careful attention to the smallest of details. From grape selection, barrel type and blending, to the bottling process, marketing and personal distribution to the costumer.

Our roots.  Sam Pelter immigrated from the USA in 1970, and together with his wife Tiva established a farm in the agricultural community of Tzofit. All the family’s members share the farming, raising greenhouse flowers, peanuts, and olive trees.

It was a natural course of events for working the land to continue into the second generation. Tal Pelter, returning from viniculture studies in Australia, manifested his passion for wine production by establishing an Israeli winery together with with his brother Nir. In 2001 the family winery commenced operations in Tzofit, and four years later, when the family moved to the Golan Heights, they resettled their winery.  The proximity to their vineyards allows them to stay connected with the land: planting, sampling, pruning, cultivating and harvesting.

Our activities. In the past decade, phase by phase, the winery has expanded, from 4,000 bottles each year to its current production of 150,000 bottles annually. As the Pelter Winery grew, the family began looking towards new horizons. The kosher winery and alcohol distillery allow experimenting with new varieties, diverse raw materials, and accessing new audiences and markets.

Our wines and spirits combine our experience, skills and intuition.  Balancing grape varieties, vineyards and barrels allows us to produce unique wines and beverages imbued with the depth of local flavors.

Our values. Since establishing the winery, its activities have exponentially grown without compromising an iota as far as the winery’s quality and identity, the patience employed in production, and close attention to the finest details in all stages of our work, from choosing grapes to customer service.  We love our work, and remain curious about innovation, constantly exploring new worlds.