Pelter Distillery / About

The Pelter Distillery is a boutique venture, and among the first in Israel. A point of connection between old-time traditions in alcohol distillation and the current interpretations and innovations we apply, it remains faithful to top quality local raw materials.
It’s a new world of alcohol production, respectful of tried and true traditions. Established in 2013 by Tal and Nir Pelter, it enjoys the partnership of alcohol experts Yossi Boznah and Tal Chotiner.

It all began with a date. Tal and Nir received a delivery of palm dates from the Arava, in Israel’s south. Their curiosity aroused, they decided to try distilling this raw material. The unique and fine result led them to contact Tal Chotiner and Yossi Boznah, seeking their opinions. The natural outcome was an immediate partnership. Nir and Tal set off right away for France to search for a distillery. They found their perfect match, a distillery used for 45 years to produce cognac for the leading cognac labels in France. The distillery, shaped like a globus to preserve the aromas and flavors of the raw materials, looks and works like a magic lamp. It’s structure is spherical, with a relatively short neck, which empowers the texture and scent of the ingredients being distilled. Using a traditional condensation technique known in Scotland as “worm tube,” the ingredients’ flavors are deeply enhanced because of the rapid condensation that ensures flavor is not lost.Distillation is a manual process, in small quantities, which exactly suits the Pelter production method.

The Old Lizzie. The Pelter family has long been steeped in the traditions of distillation. In 1920, with the start of “Prohibition” in the USA, the family’s oldest two brothers, Lou and Hay, set out on a journey from Detroit to Los Angeles. They traveled in a Ford Model T nicknamed “Old Lizzie” and carrying a small distillery for producing homemade alcohol. Ever since then, the family has been involved in producing and selling alcohol.
We are delighted to carry on our family tradition as we add new interpretations to our alcoholic drinks: Date Brandy, Gin, Arak, Eau de Vie, Apple Brandy, and Single Malt Whiskey. We are meticulous about using the highest quality local raw materials, such as Pink Lady apples, grapes and Majhoul dates.