Pelter Winery / Our story

The Pelter Winery was established in 2001 by Tal and Nir Pelter. Tal, returning from Australia on completing his viniculture and oenology studies, and charmed by the Australian concept and attitude towards wine, sought to introduce these approaches into the Israeli market by producing quality wines at affordable prices, making them broadly accessible, alongside a flagship, unique wine series. Nir, joining Tal, was challenged by the idea of creating something new. Nir took on management of branding, marketing and sales. In its early years, the winery operated out of Moshav Tzofit, or more correctly, from the family farm’s backyard, until it moved in 2005 to Kibbutz Ein Zivan, in the Golan Heights.
1,000 meters above sea level as a wine producing location offers unique advantages: volcanic basalt ground, a long cold winter, a dry and cool summer, a broad range of temperatures between day and night, and strong solar radiation. These climactic conditions are the ideal environment for slow, gentle maturation of wine grapes, ensuring diverse flavors and consistently high quality.
Grapes are hand harvested from vineyards dotted around the northern Golan Heights, the Upper Galilee region, the Jerusalem Hills, and Mitzpeh Ramon in Israel’s southern desert. By using grapes of the same variety grown in varying locales, the depth and diversity of flavors is greatly enriched.