CNN | September 2015

Fruits Of Labor

Today the Pelter Winery is one such site, producing over 100,000 bottles each year. Jews and Arabs from nearby villages harvest the grapes, before a conveyer belt delivers them to a giant press. There’s no foot stomping here, as the richly-colored fruit is processed and placed in giant oak barrels that co-owner Tal Pelter likes to call “expensive tea bags.” “In a year from now it’ll be ready,” he explains in a warehouse stacked high with barrels. “When you go to taste the barrels you know where you started. You see the progress in the development of the flavor.”

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Wine Musing Blog | May 2015

Matar Winery – A fantastic Kosher Israeli wine

Well, I am so excited to say that there is now a winery that combines the best of both worlds! Yes, they make fantastic date juice and old-world wines at the same time! This magical winery is the Matar Winery, which is the kosher arm of the famous Pelter Winery in Israel’s Golan Heights! Pelter Winery is not kosher, but in 2012 they decided to create a new arm of their winery- called Matar Winery. A say arm, because it is an extension to Pelter Winery, it is NOT Pelter Winery itself. Tal Pelter, the winemaker and half owner of the family run winery, decided that he still wanted to interact with his wines, on a very hands on and intimate level, and so he kept Pelter winery non-kosher. However, he also wanted to make his wines available to the charadei (frum/orthodox) Jewish community, and so he created a new winery, that uses his grapes and that he makes, with the aid of religious workers.

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Gabriel Geller | Ari's Kosher Wine | March 2015

Two brothers, two wineries, lots of passion

If you are as much into wine in general and into Israeli wine in particular as I am, then you have probably heard of Pelter winery before. This world-class winery is located in Kibbutz Ein Zivan in the Golan Heights. Pelter winery was established by 2 brothers in 2001, Tal and Nir Pelter, very much like Flam, and released its first vintage in 2002.

Tal and Nir were born in a family of farmers and thus were raised to love hard work and cultivate the land of Israel. Almost 20 years ago, while Nir was more attracted to the world of entrepreneurship, Tal on the other hand wanted to make a living out of agriculture and decided he wanted to make wine. Once Tal returned from Perth, Australia where he went studying oenology and viticulture, Nir decided to team up with his brother so they went on to create together a state-of-the-art winery which they simply named « Pelter », Tal naturally acting as the winemaker while Nir took over as the winery’s general manager, handling the business management duties.

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Wine Review Articles | March 2015

Top Israeli Kosher Wines

Matar is a new kosher wine label developed by Pelter Winery.  This excellent winery was established in 2002 on the Golan Heights by Tal Pelter who studied agriculture at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovost, Israel and viticulture in Australia.  He also gained winemaking experience in Australia working with winemaker John Griffith at Darlington Estate and Evans and Tate.  Nir Pelter is CEO and co-owner of Pelter and Matar wineries.  Nir joined the winery in 2005 after extended military service.  The winery sources Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other grapes from vineyards in the Golan Heights, Upper Galilee and Jerusalem Mountains. This is the first vintage of Matar and based on our tastings, the new label is off to a very good start.

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Yossie Horwitz | Yossi's Corkboard | September 2014

Matar Winery

While Matar is a distinctly different winery from Pelter, given the fact that it shares a winemaker, location, owners and an only very slightly different wine-making philosophy, a few words about the history of the [non-kosher] Pelter winery are in order as well. Pelter was founded in 2001 after winemaker Tal Pelter returned to Israel after his viticultural studies in Perth and a stint working for wineries in Australia’s famed Margaret River appellation. Initially located on the Pelter family’s land in Moshav Tsofit (right next to Kfar Saba), the winery started with an initial production for the 2002 vintage of 2,000 bottles of its acclaimed Sauvignon Blanc from vineyards located in the Judean Hills. After a few years of increasing production and rising popularity, the winery relocated in 2005 to its current home in Kibbutz Ein Zivan located in the Golan Heights. Pelter maintains a distribution facility in its original location in Tsofit where it also has a few customer appreciation events every year as well (the Tsofit location also services as Matar’s distribution needs).

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San Francisco International Wine Competition | June 2010

Silver & Bronze medals

For the first time, our winery participated in the San Francisco International Wine Competition held during June 2010. Celebrating the competitions 30th year of awarding wine excellence, the competition continues to be one of the biggest and most prestigious international competitions in the United States. This year over 3900 wines competed from 28 states and 27 countries, more than ever before.

The two Pelter Winery entries won recognition and awards: The Pelter 2008 Trio won a Silver Medal in the Premium Bordeaux Blend category and thePelter 2007 Cabernet/Shiraz won a Bronze Medal in the Cab/Shiraz Category.

Complete results can be found on the Competitions website

Daniel Rogov |Haeretz | November 2009

Three of the country’s best wineries

With vineyards in the very best regions of the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights, and with thoroughly talented winemakers aboard, three wineries continue to show a remarkable level of consistency in the high quality of their wines. The production capacity of the three, Golan Heights Winery (six million bottles annually), Galil Mountain (900,000 bottles) and Pelter (80,000 bottles), is notably varied.

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Bertrand Celce | may 2009

A visit at the Pelter Winery

Tal Pelter says that around here on the Northern Golan Heights, his vineyards are at an altitude of 900/1000 meters, which means cool nights and a wide amplitude betwen night and day. The Golan is actually a slope that starts at 2400 meters and goes down to about 300, Tmore a steady slope than a plateau like many people think usually. All basalt, volcanic soil, with a chain of dead volcanoes all along, and you see these dark stones all along the road on the Golan by the way.

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Finger Lakes International Wine Competition | New York | March 2009

Double Gold & Bronze Medals

We entered two of our wines currently being sold in the United States: our 2006 Cabernet Shiraz and our 2007 Trio (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc blend).

To our delight, the 2007 Trio was awarded a Double Gold Medal. This award winning wine will be presented and auctioned at the FLIWC Dinner & Auction to be held on May 2, 2009. All proceeds from the auction goes to the Camp Good Days and Special Times charity.

The Cabernet Shiraz was awarded a Bronze Medal.

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