| Noir Avec Blanc

Made from 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay grapes that were manually harvested in select vineyards in the Golan Heights.


The wine underwent second fermentation in the bottle and aged for some three years with the yeast. When the time was right, the wine underwent a process known as riddling –when the wine bottle is shaken gently and turned on its axis while pointing downwards at a 60° angle. This action was repeated once every three days over three months until all the sediment collected in the neck of the bottle.
This was followed by disgorging – when the bottle neck is frozen to -30°C, the yeast is removed and the temporary plug is replaced with a new cork stopper.
This is a Brut Nature wine (dry), yet is feels full-bodied and fruity due to the presence of Pinot Noir.


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